War for Terra Nova – Core Starter Set Update

We hope everyone had a Merry Christmas and Happy New Year, we've be busy on our side going over mold quotes and crunching the numbers. When planing the Kickstarter in the summer of 2014 we did a lot of research, talked to a lot of people and got estimated quotes and costing on every aspect of plastic injection mold making and production. We gave ourselves a good 15% safety margin on all the quotes and even on the $CAD to $USD exchange rate, as most suppliers are paid in US dollars. The Canadian dollar has had a very rocky ride this last year and lost more that 30% of its value. Went we looked at the final mold manufacturing quotes we received in early January, based on the final parts sprues, we needed to face reality. We had planned on doing 6 molds originally with 4 models in each mold. But the final quotes came in a bit higher than expected and coupled with the lower Canadian dollar, we need to play it safe and have decided to just make 5 molds instead. We have managed to fit all but two of the originally announced models into the 5 molds. We agonized over which 2 models we would cut and final decided on the cutting Tiger and Sidewinder, as they fill a similar roll to the Hunter and Jager in the game. On the positive side we have added 1 extra Acco Mount to the Core Starter Set and more options for the Caprice Mounts and lots of extra weapons for all the models, read all details below. We apologize and hope everyone with understand our decision.

The plastic injection molds are now in production, manufacturing contract has been signed and money wire transferred. We have contracted HXL Mold in Hong Kong to make the 5 molds using high grade German steel, which are guaranteed for over 200,000 plastic pop cycles. The molds will be finished by the end of February and we'll be receiving ten sets of test pops in grey Styrene plastic from each mold air expressed to us at the start of March to check and approve. If there is anything we spot that needs to be fix they will make the fixes in the first 2 weeks of March and then the molds will be shipped by boat to the USA which takes about 1 month. Each mold will weight about 300 Kg (660 lbs) and this is the most cost effective way of shipping them. Then they will be forwarded by truck to the plastic injection company we are using in Indiana to pop all the grey styrene plastic sprues, which should start in late April. We'll then be receiving plastic shipments in May and start shipping out Backer Reward packages.

The image below shows all the updated contents of Core Starter Set, click here to see the Latest Kickstarter Update with all the details and more images.