Latest Kickstarter Update: Plastic Injection Molding Explained!

Now that the molds are in production we though it would be nice to give an update explaining plastic injection molding with text and images. We are having 5 mold blocks made that each hold 4 parts sprues which we showed you in the previous update. The mold blocks mount on to plastic injection machines that melt plastic pellets and inject the hot melted plastic into the mold block where it cools. We are making what are called 3 plate molds, 2 of the plates are used to make the left and right plates for the model sprues and the 3rd plate is use for the larger plastic runners that feed hot plastic into the smaller sprue runners around the parts. When the mold pops open it drops the large plastic runner and the 4 finished plastic model sprues into bins. Model sprues get sorted and put into boxes to ship to Dream Pod 9 and the large plastic runners get chopped up and melted again in the plastic injection machine to make more robot sprues.

The first image we have below is from the Solidworks assemble drawing for one of the mold blocks. This steel mold block is about 39.4 cm tall and will weight about 300 Kg (over 600 lbs.). The big red loop at the top is used lift the mold block into position when mounting it on the plastic injection machine. The big grey circle on the left side is where the hot plastic enters the mold.

For those who want to learn more, click the following link for the entire update with additional images.…/heavy-gear-blit…/posts/1477272