Jovian Chronicles Fleet Scale Exo Armors Wave 2 Preview!

Tony finished up a few more exo armor 3d models for Jovian Chronicles Fleet Scale and we just sent them off to rapid prototyping at Shapeways. The image below shows the new 15mm tall Retaliator, Vindicator, Cerberus, and Fury 3d models added the photo of our existing Fleet Scale fighter squads, flight stands, spaceships, and a ruler for scale.

He also made commander models with plasma lances for the Retaliator, Vindicator, and Cerberus, so those squad bases can each have a commander and 2 stock models. The Fury will just have 3 stock models on the squad base, but the we made the top mounted gun a separate part that will need to be glue on to the model, this was done to ensure that the miniature will cast up nicely in the mold.

These new Wave 2 Jovian Chronicles Fleet Scale Exo Models are now available to Pre-Order for shipping in early April. Each is packaged as 2 Squad Packs that each included 6 small 15mm tall exo armors (4 stock models and 2 commander models), except for the Fury, along with two of our new 3 pronged poseable flight stands in pewter with a black plastic bases. Here is a link to the Jovian Chronicles miniatures section of the Dream Pod 9 Online Store to place your Wave 2 Pre-Orders today.…

For those how have placed already placed Pre-Orders for our Wave 1 Jovian Chronicles Fleet Scale of the Pathfinder, Hector, Wyvern and Syreen, we received the rapid prototypes back from Shapeways at the start of this week. They are now in the hands of Fusion Models, who will clean them up and make the hard resin copies that we us to make our vulcanized rubber molds for pewter casting. The molds should be done early next week and we plan to start shipping the Wave 1 Pre-Orders at the end of next week. Before we head of to the GAMA Retailer Tradeshow in Las Vegas, the week of March 14th to 17th, 2016.