Kickstarter Update: Mold Progress Photos

This weeks Kickstarter Update that we just posted has more progress photos on the steel molds. The image below shows a mold block (top left) that will hold one of the mold plates which is having the ejector pin holes drilled out. These holes are needed for the ejector pins that will push the plastic parts sprue out of the mold, once the molten plastic has hardened. The top right photo shows the positive Electrical Discharge Machine (EDM) parts being made with a Computer Numerical Control (CNC) machine, these parts are used to burn the final crisp part details into the molds. Below that to the left we see one of the discolored CEF mold plates after it has gone thru the EDM process. To the right we see the EDM positive parts after they have been used and are now burned black. Lastly at the bottom we have one of the CEF mold plates after it has gone thru the EDM Process and been cleaned up. It has also had ejector pin holes drilled in it that will match exactly the locations of the ejector pin holes drilled into its custom mold block.

All the molds should be finished up the end next week, and then sample pops of all the robot sprues will be made, to test out the molds. These test pops in grey styrene plastic with then be express shipped to Dream Pod 9 so we can approve the molds. After that the molds are shipped by boat from Hong Kong to the USA and onto the plastic manufacturer we'll are using in Indiana to make all the plastic sprues.