JC Fleet Scale Exo-Armors in Pewter!

Dave made the production molds for the small Jovian Chronicles Fleet Scale Pathfinder, Hector, Wyvern, and Syreen Exo-Armors today. I grabbed a set of the first pewter castings and took parts photos for each of the new two squad packs. After that I primed the exos-armors in grey and painted the 3 pronged poseable flight posts in black and assembled the squads. The image below shows the primed Pathfinder, Hector, Wyvern, and Syreen Exo-Armor squad bases in front of Athena and Hachiman Spaceships with the pewter parts photos below.

The JC Fleet Scale Exo-Armor 2 Squad Packs each included 6 small 15mm tall exo armors (4 stock models and 2 commander models) along with two of our new 3 pronged poseable flight stands in pewter with a black plastic bases. They are available now on the Dream Pod 9 Online Store, click the link below if your interested in picking some up. All previously placed Pre-Orders for these miniatures will be shipping out this Friday.