Kickstarter Update: First Plastic Test Pops of the Caprice Sprues!

Dream Pod 9 attended the GAMA Retailer Tradeshow this week in Las Vegas, Nevada. To promote the upcoming official release of the new edition Heavy Gear Blitz – Tabletop Wargaming – Quick Start Rulebook and new Plastic Miniatures that will take place at Gen Con 2016 in Indianapolis the first week of August. After we have shipped out the Kickstarter Backer Reward Packages in late May and June to all our Backers. The company making our plastic injection molds finished up the mold for the Caprice Mounts last Friday and was able to run a few test pops in grey styrene hard plastic and get them expressed to us at the show on Monday. We meet with many retailers and distributors at the show and were able to show them the first plastic test pops and we'll be working with them in the coming months to get the word out about the upcoming new releases and get them into as many retail locations possible.

Below is an image of the first test pops of the Caprice Mounts plastic sprues that we took once back in Montreal today. These are test pops made to see what needs to be tweaked in the molds, some of the parts broke off the sprues because the gates connecting them to the sprue were to small, and a few of the parts had shrinkage, as the molds could not get up to normal running temperature with just few tests pops they ran to send us for the show. They turned out pretty good for test pops and the mold manufacturer will get gate size to the parts increased and do more tests until everything is working perfectly.

We assembled an Acco, a Bashan, and an Ammon mount at the the show and took a photo of them on our demo table setup. Below you can see the 3 new plastic Mounts beside some of the older painted up Hunter pewter minis and our Badlands resin buildings and stoneheads.