Kickstarter Update: First Plastic Test Pops of the C.E.F. Sprues!

We received the test plastic pops for all the molds this week at our office in Montreal. The test pops are used by the mold manufacturer find where problems like not enough molten plastic making it in to the mold parts cavities are located. The test plastic sprue pops show them where additional spruing, ejector pins, and/or increased gate sizes to the parts are needed. We took the time this week to look over all the parts and get our comments back to them so they can tweak the molds to get all the plastic parts looking good.

Below is an image of the first test pops of the Colonial Expeditionary Force (C.E.F.) plastic models that we took the time to assemble this week. As you will see there is some shrinkage and dimpling on some of the larger parts, the molds will need to be tweaked so that more molten plastic makes it into those parts cavities. But for first tests pops they turned out pretty good.

Click the link below to visit the full Kickstarter Update and see photos of the new assembled C.E.F. test pop plastic models along with the older painted pewter and resins miniatures. Plus we took the time this week to assemble the Caprice Kadesh, Aphek, and Meggido models and took a photo of them along with the previously shown plastic models and the older painted up pewter and resin miniatures.…/heavy-gear-blit…/posts/1529542

The next Kickstarter updates will have the test pop models for the Northern and Southern factions.