Kickstarter Update: New North & South Test Pop Plastic Models!

This weeks update shows the new Northern and Southern test pop plastic models. We took the time to put together one of each of the Northern models (Hunter, Jaguar, Cheetah, Grizzly, Kodiak, and Ferret shown in both walker and ground mode), see the photo below. Plus the Southern models (Jager, Black Mamba, Iguana, Spitting Cobra, King Cobra, and the 3 Drones), see the photo below. These were all assembled from the test plastic pop sprues we received from the mold manufacturer last week to test where problems are in the molds, they still have some holes and shrinkage on the parts.

The mold manufacturer has informed us that they should have all the molds fixed up by April 10th and then send us final test pops to approve the molds. Once approved the molds will be shipped to our Plastics Manufacturer in the USA, which will take about 1 month and they should start popping plastic later in May. So our revised start date for shipping of Backer reward packages will be in early June and we should have them all ship out by mid-July.