Kickstarter Update: Locking Pledge Manager on Monday Morning April 25th 2016 – Last Chance to get more Add-ons!

We will be locking down the The Heavy Gear Blitz – War for Terra Nova Starter Set – Pledge Manager on Monday morning April 25th 2016. So you all have 7 days to get any last minute plastic miniature add-ons or extra core starter sets added to your backer reward packages and make any additional pledges needed for them. Here is a link to the Pledge Manger if you want to check on your rewards and add any extra ones, use the email used to login to your Kickstarter account to also login to the Pledge Manager. If you forgot your password there is a link on the login page to help out.

After the pledge manager is locked we start calculating the exact shipping costs for our international backers and send out payment requests in May. If your a Canadian, USA, or Heavy Gear Universe level Backer your all set and we'll start shipping Backer Reward Packages in June and July by shipping wave.

Other news, we received back the new sets of plastic sprue test pops at the office last Thursday. The detail on these are looking a lot crisper than on the first test pops, we'll do another update later this week with photos. But there are still a few parts that have dimpling or holes in them, as the mold manufacturer did not increase the gate sizes to these parts cavities enough, so still not enough molten plastic is making it into the parts cavity before the sprues are cooled and popped out of the mold. We have been going over all the parts and sending in our photos and notes again on where problems are still occurring. The mold company will make another pass thru the molds this week enlarging the gates to the parts with problems and then send us another set of test pops to get the final molds approved. Then we'll have them shipped to our plastic manufacturer in the USA to get production started. This is going to add another week or 2 delay, but its part of the process for refining the molds so that they give high quality plastic parts and we want it done right.