Kickstarter Update: Final Grizzly, Cheetah, Ferret, Kodiak, Spitting Cobra, Iguana, and King Cobra Plastic Sprue Test Pops Preview!

As mentioned in our previous update the mold manufacturer made the final fixes to the Molds this week. Then emailed us photos of the front and back of the plastic part sprues for the Grizzly, Cheetah, Ferret/3 Drones, Kodiak, Spitting Cobra, Iguana, and King Cobra Gears. We made a combined photo (see below), click on the image to see a larger version with more detail. There is still a bit of dimpling visible on the sides of the Grizzly and Kodiak lower legs, but we have been informed that when the plastic injection machines are properly adjusted for temperature and injection pressure the dimpling in those areas should go away. 

Reminder for all Backers, you have until Monday morning May 16th, 2016 to place your Special Order on the Dream Pod 9 Online Store. For Heavy Gear or other products including books, strider minis, tank minis, other gear minis, infantry, paint set, terrain, parts, etc. that were not available in the Pledge Manager. Click the following link: to visit our online store and place your order now.

For your order to be treated as a Special Order and added to your Backer Reward Package we need you to type the following text in the comments box at the bottom of the Checkout Page Step 5: Payment Method: "Add to Backer Reward Package for <your Backer Name and email address used for pledge manager login>."