Jovian Chronicles Fleet Scale Sakura Preview & Congratulations to TerraForms Terrain for successful Kickstarter Funding in first 22 hours!

The latest Jovian Chronicles Fleet Scale 3d model preview is the Sakura Exo-Armor for the Venus Faction, with its sleek design and powerful cannons. The Sakura miniature will be 20mm tall, where as the other JC Fleet Scale minis are about 15mm tall on average. Checkout the image below to see how it turned out.

We want to give a shout out to James over at TerraForms Terrain and Congratulate them for successfully funding their first Kickstarter in the first 24 hours. Now its on to unlocking stretch goals for them to add more goodies to the Backer packages. If you want to get in on their Kickstarter and pickup some cool 10mm/12mm scale terrain that works well with Heavy Gear here is a link to go check it out.