Jovian Chronicles Fleet Scale Wave 4 Preview!

Jovian Chronicles Fleet Scale CEGA Dragonstriker & Wyvern Exo Armor 2 Squads Pack, Jovian Stormrider & Pathfinder Exo Armor 2 Squads Pack, and Venus Sakura & Ryu Exo Armor 2 Squads Pack are now available to Pre-Order on the DP9 Online Store.

Check out the image below to see how all of Tony's latest 3D models turned out, including new variants for the Wyvern, Pathfinder, and Ryu Exo Armors. We received the rapid prototypes parts back from Shapeways last week and they have been given over to our partners at Fusion models to make the resin copies need for the production molds. All the vulcanized rubber production molds for pewter casting will be made next week and then we'll start casting up Pre-Orders.

The new CEGA faction 2 squads pack includes 2x Dragonstriker (22mm tall), 2x Wyvern Marine, and 2x Wyvern Bomber (15mm tall each). The new Jovian faction 2 squads pack includes 2x Stormrider (19mm tall), 2x Pathfinder Recon, and 2x Pathfinder Sniper (15mm tall each). The new Venus faction 2 squads pack includes 2x Sakura (20mm tall), 2x Ryu Interceptor, and 2x Ryu Anti-Ship (15mm tall each). Plus each of the new 2 squads packs also includes 2x the 3 pronged poseable flight stand in pewter and black plastic base.

In other Jovian Chronicles News, Dave has started working on some new JC Fleet Scale Rules and we hope to have an Alpha ready to preview this fall for playtesting and feedback. If you like this news show us by clicking the "Like" button for this post and sharing the post with friends, gaming blogs, and other websites online.

Here is a link to the Jovian Chronicles miniatures section of the DP9 Online Store to place your Wave 4 Pre-Orders now for shipping in Mid June.…