Jovian Chronicles Fleet Scale Dragonstriker Ace & Wyvern Specialists plus Sakura Ace & Ryu Specialists and Stormrider Ace & Pathfinder Specialists Pewter Minis!

Dave had time this week to make the production molds made for the JC Fleet Scale CEGA Dragonstriker (Ace model), Wyvern Marine & Wyvern Bomber (Specialist models) Exo Armor 2 Packs. Plus the Venus Sakura (Ace model), Ryu Anti-Ship & Ryu Interceptor (Specialist models) Exo Armor 2 Packs. We took some photos of the pewter parts and then primed a set in light grey for a fast blister sheet photo, all are shown in the image below.

Dave made the production mold on Monday for the Jovian Stormrider (Ace model), Pathfinder Recon & Pathfinder Sniper (Specialist models) Exo Armor 2 Packs. I took some photos of the pewter parts for the online store, then glued on the Stormrider shoulders and took another photo. Then did a fast primer pass on the parts and took the photo for the blister sheet, check out the image below to see how they turned out.

We plan to start shipping orders for the new 2 Packs at the end of this week. Here is a link to the Jovian Chronicles miniature section of the DP9 Online Store for those interested in placing an order.…