Kickstarter Plastic Miniature Sprues Update, Shipping, & News!

A big update before the Dream Pod 9 Staff head off to the Gen Con Gaming Convention next week (August 4th to 7th) in Indianapolis, USA. Models LLC has the plastic injection molds running on 4 injection machines and is popping plastic sprues as fast as the machines will pop them. They have informed us that they will be all finished sometime in the coming week and plan on shipping the following Monday (August 8th, 2016) all the boxes of sprues on several skids to our office in Montreal. We should receive them later that week and then we start packing up Backer Reward Packages and shipping soon after. International Backers will have until Monday morning August 15th to get any shipping costs still owing paid by then. We had planned to be shipping the first wave of Backer Reward Packages this week, and we apologize for the delay. Click the links that follows to see the full Kickstarter Update with photos that the team at Models LLC took of boxes with Grizzly, Cheetah, Spitting Cobra, and Iguana parts sprues. Plus a photo of lots of boxes of Hovertank and Battleframe sprues on a skid ready for shipping.…/heavy-gear-blit…/posts/1643514

Models LLC is located just north of Indianapolis and they will deliver some pre-release plastic army pops for us to have a Gen Con. We'll be packing them up this Monday to Wednesday, just before the show starts. Several Backers have asked to pickup their reward packages at Gen Con and we have shipped their add-ons to the show, so they can pick up the entire reward package at our booth. We will have some pre-release plastic armies available for sale at Gen Con for $59.99 USD for each army, along with copies of the Quick Start Rulebook at $19.99 USD. These sales are needed to help cover the thousands of dollars in booth and travel costs to attend the show. The Core Starter Set which Backers are receiving includes all 4 armies plus the full color Quick Start Rulebook, all for the pledge of $115 CAD ($85 USD). We have also put the plastic armies and new Quick Start Rulebook up for Pre-Order on the Dream Pod 9 Online Store, they will only start shipping after all the Backer Reward Packages have been shipped out in August.

Here is a link to the Dream Pod 9 Online Store for all those interested in placing a Pre-Order for the new Plastic Miniature Army Boxes, Two Player Starter Box, and Full Color Quick Start Rulebook. Please note that orders with these Pre-Order products will only start shipping after we have shipped out all our Kickstarter Backer Reward Packages in August. We also added an option to purchase the new rulebook at a special price when Pre-Ordering one of the Plastic Miniature Armies.…