Kickstarter Update: Plastic Miniature Sprues Arriving Friday!

Over 2500 lbs of plastic miniature sprues all boxed up and on 7 skids were shipped out earlier this week by Models LLC via FedEx Freight. The latest updated tracking shows that we should receive them at our office here in Montreal this Friday.

Models LLC took a photo of the boxes of sprues on skids as they were being picked up earlier this week by FedEx Freight and sent us the photo included below with the post, to share with everyone.

We arrived back from Gen Con last Tuesday afternoon the convention was a lot of fun, and we made several announcements during the show, as Gen Con is the most important show of the year for gaming companies. We ran a lot of demo games and got a lot of new players into the game, plus about 30 backers were able to pickup their backers reward packages at the booth. Posts can be found lower down on this Facebook page about future Kickstarter projects and several with photos of the Dream Pod 9 booth, the quick start rulebook, pre-release two player starter box, army boxes, and our friendly staff.

Also last week we received back the extra North, South, CEF, and Caprice Plastic Armys from Gen Con. And on Friday last week we able to mail out 28 Wave 1 US Backer Reward Packages, those lucky backers will have received emails on Saturday informing them that their reward package had been mailed by US Post and they should all receive them this week. Once all the boxes of plastic sprues arrive on Friday we'll go crazy packing up Core Starter Sets and start shipping the second batch of Wave 1 and Heavy Gear Universe level backers next (except for those in the UK and EU which will ship in Wave 4). We expect it to take about 4 weeks to get all 4 waves shipped out. Once we have shipped your reward package, we'll email you a notification via the pledge manager to let you know that its on the way.

You can view the full Kickstarter Update on our Kickstarter page at the following link.…/heavy-gear-blit…/posts/1658316

Some other news this week, the Heavy Gear Fleet Scale miniatures and Gear Krieg miniatures are available again on the Dream Pod 9 Online Store. We had planned to make them available at the start of August but forgot to do it before leaving for Gen Con. They will be available from now until the end of September 2016, when the production molds will be put back into storage again until this Christmas. Here is a link to the HG Fleet Section of the DP9 Online Store for those interested, we have a Heavy Gear Fleet Scale Collectors Package available at a special price.…