Kickstarter Plastic Model Sprues Arrived at DP9 Office Today!

FedEx Freight arrived at 9:45 am at our office here in Montreal and dropped off 7 skids of boxes with all the plastic model sprues for our Kickstarter backer reward packages and online pre-orders.

We took a few photos to show everyone. The first image attached with this post shows the office before all the boxes arrived and then after we had them all crammed in like a giant game of tetris. Second image shows the first skid being removed from the FedEx truck, Dave in the buildings freight elevator with 4 of the skids, skids in the hallway outside our office (while we were trying to fit all the boxes into the office), and a photo of Robert in the small corridor left between the rows of boxes to get the door. Third image is several photos of the stacks of boxes with Dave surrounded by them.

We'll get to packing up armies this afternoon and start shipping backer reward packages later this week, starting with Wave 1 and our Heavy Gear Universe Backers.