Heavy Gear: Dreadnoughts Kickstarter Launching Soon!

Fusion Core Studios has just released some pre-release Kickstarter news, for their new Heavy Gear: Dreadnoughts miniature wargame, which we want to share with you all.

After announcing Heavy Gear: Dreadnoughts at Gen Con 2016, Fusion Core Studios is now preparing the next stage of this exciting new project. A Kickstarter for the fleet-scale tabletop miniatures game is set to launch in mid-November, running through the holiday gift-buying season and wrapping up before Christmas. The goal is to fund the production of four multi-part plastic landship miniatures for the North and South factions of the Heavy Gear universe. Stretch goals include four additional landship classes, multiple option parts for each ship, plastic miniatures for troop units, and upgrades to game components such as a color rulebook, high-quality cardstock game tokens, and templates. Kickstarter backers will receive extra miniatures, early shipping for the game's release, and bonus backer rewards.

For all the latest information, visit Fusion Core Studios' Facebook page at the link below and like their page with notifications set to "on" to get all the latest release news.