What next?

The most common theme I'm seeing online and on the forums these days is "I got my kickstarter stuff, what do I get next?"


That's a pretty easy question for me to answer. What do you get next? Here's my priority list of what to get next. Feel free to adjust this list as much as you like.


1) Get something that you want to put together as a centerpiece of your army. A Strider or Tank that will scare your friends when they see it on the side of the table. CEF players should get a MHT-72 or a HHT-90. South can get a Drake, North a Scimitar, Caprice can get a Moab.


2) Get some infantry! The little guys are so great at capturing or holding objectives and they are very efficient for their points. CEF infantry like GRELs or FLAILs are especially good at these tasks. Don't skimp on some cheap upgrades for a heavy weapon or option so that the little guys can scare the big guys who close.


3) Get a tank. Tanks are big, super tough to damage and carry big guns. What's not to like except the points cost? A tank can easily run equal in cost to a squad of gears and is often slower so balance it with some faster models.


4) Get a specialty squad. A paratrooper squad or a special forces squad can provide some very exciting choices. 


5) Get a Duelist. Duelists are great miniatures to build. It lets you take a stock model and really go to town with creative modeling and upgrade parts. Hunting through the online catalog to find a model that will really inspire you to paint something really really good.


Often the best way to add something to your new forces is to choose a specialty list and follow their options to help you determine what to get next.


Other news:

Make sure you follow the Fusion Core Models facebook page so you know when their kickstarter goes live for Heavy Gear: Dreadnoughts.


Jovian Chronicles rules are delayed


Next week I'll look at North and South forces in more detail for some specialist options for upgrading them including how to use the loose parts in some creative ways.