2016 Xmas Gift for Orders Over $50 on the Dream Pod 9 Online Store!

For this Holiday Season Dream Pod 9  will be adding our DP9 Xmas 2016 Gift of a plastic F2-25 Batteframe mini with hex base and 3 special pose resin arms to all DP9 Online Store orders with the sub-total over $50 (before any shipping costs or taxes). The Holiday Promotion runs from Saturday December 10th, 2016 to Tuesday Morning January 3rd, 2017.

We ask Phil to work his magic on the plastic Battleframe arms used by the F2-25, F2-21, and F6-16 models, like he did earlier this year for the Hunter, Jager, Jaguar, Black Mamba, Cheetah and Iguana. He came up with 3 poses; a right arm the would position the weapon in front of the torso and a straight left arm to hold the weapon across the torso. Plus he made a left arm with elbow bent and angled in towards the torso that looks great when you take the variant that has a Shield or can be used with with weapon of the arm aiming forward and to the right. 

Phil has also done new pose resin arm sets for the plastic F2-19, Grizzly, Kodiak, Spitting Cobra, and King Cobra models. Production molds should be ready early next week and we'll get photos taken to show everyone how they look and get them added to the DP9 Online Store Custom Parts Section for sale.