Jovian Wars!

Merry Chirstmas and happy holidays where ever you are on this little ball of water and rock!.

I've just approved and sent off final adjustments for the Jovian Wars alpha rules set to Robert Dubois. He is filling in the PDF with some ship recognition and silhouettes for the paper counters then releasing the rules as a x-mas treat for all of our great fans to enjoy over the holidays. These rules will be released in the new couple of hours from this blog being posted.

This is the culmination of half a year of hard work developing a rules set from the ground up to make a really fast and fun game.

What should you know about the game in a nutshell? Here goes:


Jovian Wars uses an alternating turn format. The player with the most models deploys first and takes the first turn then the turns alternate in the same order all game.


Image: A Poseidon Battleship and a Dragon Striker unit in a showdown with a Valiant Strike Cruiser and a Stormrider unit. Showing the the development prototype new capital ship bases showing weapon arcs and turning marks.


The most important thing to learn is how simple it is to play. To roll an attack you identify your target. All weapons have two ratings: Anti-Capital Ship (ACS) and Anti-Exo-Armor/Fighter. If your target is an enemy capital ship then you roll dice equal to the ACS rating. Roll a set and you hit! A set can be a double [D], a triple [T] or even a quad or better [Q+]!

The number of the set that you roll is where the damage is applied to the ship. So a double 1 or 2 will hit a models point defense system and reduce the ship's ability to defend against missiles and boarding actions. A 3 or 4 hits the ships Sensors and reduces the effective range of the ship's guns. A 5 or 6 hits the reaction control which can affect a models ability to turn and boost their speed.

This method of dice rolling is both quick and rewards players who can leverage the advantages of their models the most. Dogfights and boarding actions between players are tense and gripping as the tide can turn quickly.

If a triple is rolled then the number of the set is the critical result, killing Marines, damaging the structure of the ship itself, and damaging engines, and weapons.

Damage to Exo-Armor and Fighter squadron models is very simple. A double does one damage, a triple does two damage and a quad destroys the squadron completely.

Exo-Armor and Fighter models have some interesting tactical options available to them that capital ships to not. Most important of all is that they can use the Dogfight special action to attack an opponents Exo-Armor and Fighter models. In this kind of special attack the two sides continue to alternate attacking back and forth until one side breaks off or is destroyed. This is all resolved before the next model activates and results in some very dynamic results.

Naturally for the scope of the game there are many different types of weapons, each with their own advantages. Beam Projectors are excellent dog fighting weapons. Mass Drivers are great at damaging targets at short range. Kinetic cannons fire huge quantities of ammunition and can hit multiple targets. Particle cannon cause triple hits to capital ships to also count as double hits of the same value. Missiles are highly accurate and allow players to surgically damage enemy systems and equipment.


Image: Another viewpoint of the battlefield. What will happen next? A boarding action? A Dogfight? A broadside of concentrated firepower? Or will one of the models give up firepower to boost to a new position for advantage?

I hope you enjoy the new rules as much as we've enjoyed play testing them! the alpha rules document includes some paper templates for ships and squadrons so get a friend and play a fun game on us! And in early 2017 keep your eyes out for our Jovian Wars kickstarter!

Have a great holiday season celebrating with friends and family. Snow is falling here in Canada which means snowball fights and then inside for more space battle fun.

Happy New year to you all!