More Custom Resin Arms Now Available for the New Plastic Miniatures!

During the Kickstarter we promised that once the plastic sprues were made we would take the time to get some arms sets sculpted to hold the weapons across the torsos. Earlier this summer we had our sculptor, Phil, make the arms sets for the Hunter, Jaguar, Cheetah, Jager, Black Mamba, and Iguana plastic models. He finally had the time earlier this month to do his magic on the Grizzly, Kodiak, Spitting Cobra, King Cobra, F2-19, and F2-25/F2-21/F6-16 arms. The 3 special pose arms sprue for F2-25/F2-21/F6-16 Battleframes is the same one included in our F2-25 plastic miniature XMAS 2016 Gift included free with all DP9 Online Store orders over $50, placed until January 3rd, 2017.

Phil, took the plastic arm parts for the Grizzly, Kodiak, Spitting Cobra, King Cobra, and F2-25/F2-21/F6-16, and chopped them up and reposed them so the right arm can hold the weapon across the front of the torso and he straightened the left arm and made a new open flat hand pose to cradle the weapon. He also made a third arm (left arm) for the F2-25/F2-21/F6-16 Battleframe with can hold the shield/sensor boom/weapon closer to the left side of the torso. For the F2-19 Battleframe he was not able make a weapon across the torso pose as the torso is just too large to allow it, instead he made a left arm closer to the left side of the torso and a straight right arm to point the weapon straight forward. You can see how all the new resin arms look on the plastic miniatures in the image attached with this post.

The 6 sets of new sets of custom resin arms are now available to purchase on the Dream Pod 9 Online Store at the following link for those interested.