Valiant 3D Model with Base Concept & Remastered Poseidon 3D Model Preview!

Today's post features the new base concept we have designed for the Jovian Wars spaceships. After trying several different base concepts we have decided on one we are proud to be previewing today with the remastered Valiant 3D Model, shown in an earlier post. The new base will include a resin stand to be cast in hard plastic black resin with faction logos on both sides with either a notched or pegged top to fit engine or the rear hull underside of the ship. With 2 pegs under the stand to fit into an acrylic base (laser etched and 2 holes cut) and a forward support post with peg to mount to the forward hull underside and then glue to the notched lower front of the stand.

Also today we have a preview of the remastered Poseidon spaceship for CEGA, shown with the new base concept for everyone to checkout in the attach image. You will notice that we have also added some small pegs to the sides of the habitat modules, these are to allow optional parts like cargo containers and such to be easily added to customize the look of the ships.

If you have not checked out the Jovian Wars, Alpha Playtest Rules yet, here is link to our free download on DriveThruRPG to get yours and try it out.…/Jovian-Wars–Alpha-Playtest-R…

Dave is reading everyone's feedback on the playtest rules and will be tweaking the playtest rules into a Beta version before the tentative Jovian Wars Kickstarter launch date of February 15th, 2017, Keep the Feedback Coming!