Remastered Valiant and Poseidon 3D Models on Basic Stands

We have been reading everyone's feedback on the new resin spaceship stands we unveiled in our previous post. We understand the concerns about higher costs due to the extra resin parts for the stand and keeping assembly as easy as possible for players. So our 3D Modeler, Tony, went back and took another look at how we could support the ships with just a single 3mm clear acrylic post. Plus its best placement under the ship, so we don't destroy any gun or hanger details on the ship underside. The attach image shows how the remastered Valiant and Poseidon models will look with a 3mm post attached to the central habitat section to give the best ship balance without losing underside details. We'll be adding 3 small pilot holes to one side of the habitat section center part so that the could be drilled out for the 3mm post at either 45 degrees down to the left side of the ship as shown in the image, flat across, or at 45 degrees down on the right side. The basic stands for all the new ships will have the 3mm clear acrylic post and laser etched & cut clear acrylic base (3mm thick) with various dimensions according to the ship stats. For the Valiant (show) and other ships it will be a 1.5" x 3" base, for the Poseidon (show) and other large ships it will be a 2" x 4" base, and we'll also have some smaller 1.5" x 1.5" bases. We'll also make these basic stands available for purchase after the Kickstarter for players to mount their previously released ships on.

We still like our earlier more deluxe stand design and plan to keep it available as an add-on upgrade in the upcoming Kickstarter for players that want to pay a bit more and swap the basis stand (3mm post and base) for the deluxe resin stand and acrylic base. The idea behind earlier resin stand design was to allow for players that wanted to have the habitat section rotate. The engine front has a big peg to connect to a hole in the rear of the habitat section which also has a big peg in front to connect with a hole in the back of the forward hull. Players could drill out the engine peg, habitat section and forward hull using small pilot holes in those parts to make sure all the holes lined up and then glue a sturdy metal pin into the engine and thru the habitat section (without any glue) and then glued into the forward hull. That's why the earlier deluxe stand design had attachments going into the rear engine/hull and forward hull and left the habitat section clear. We think that with the big pegs and a sturdy metal pin between the parts if pinned that the entire model should be supported by the rear stand support glued in the underside of the engine/hull. But encase that's not enough we've add the forward support so if the ship starts drooping down in the front it can be propped up. We are also looking into casting the forward support post in a clear resin so it is less visible, but with a clear resin players would have to accept that air bubbles may be visible in the resin.