New Jovian Wars Exo & Fighter Squad Bases!

We have been working on an improved base for the Jovian Wars Exo and Fighter Squads and finally have it ready to show everyone. The new base is made up of 3 pewter posts and our standard black plastic flight base. The 3 posts have been made to form a peg at the bottom when combined that will fit the hole in the plastic flight base. The small fleet scale exo-armors and fighter are then glued at their ball socket holes to the small balls at the ends of the posts. We are trying great look for the squads and make their assembly as easy as possible with the new design. The older 3 pronged poseable posts did the job, but you really had to work at getting the bends right so that all the heights and positions of the Exos or Fighters looked good on the base.

The new standard base has lower front post for the Command model to be mounted and works with all the small Exos and Fighters. But we did find in testing that when the larger Exos like the Stormrider, Dragonstriker, or Sakura were mounted on the front post their extra weight so far forward made the base unstable. So we made two other post sets with the center post moved to the rear, which better balanced the weight of all pewter minis on the base. One of these sets with the rear center post works for the Dragonstriker or Sakura Exos and the other with a slightly taller rear center post works for the Stormrider. The Stormrider needed to be raised up a bit so its guns were not shooting the Exos in front. Checkout the attached image for the 3D Models and final pewter parts. We'll get some Exos mounted on the new posts and photos taken to show in a future post.

We"ll be making these three new bases available to order on the Dream Pod 9 Online Store later this week. So customers that previously purchased the Jovian Wars Fleet Scale Exo and Fighter Two Squad packs and want to upgrade to the new base style are able to. We'll also be updating the contents of the Two Squad Packs to replace the older 3 pronged poseable pewter posts with the new post design. The older 3 pronged poseable pewter post and plastic base will remain available on the DP9 Online Store for those who prefer it over the new design.…