Heavy Gear Assault February 2017 Update!

Stompy Bot Productions just released a new update for Heavy Gear Assault. Based on the feedback from some of their competitive players, they have introduced a hitmarker around the reticle that animates on confirmed hits. Pioneer Outpost got redesigned – slopes are more accessible and there are roads connecting major points of interest. Official servers will feature both maps on rotation. Equipment in the Gear Bay marked as “coming soon” is under active development.

Also Added:

  • Updated Tiger assets.
  • Hit confirmation indicator to reticle.
  • Cleaned up the HUD, moved the ammo counters further from the centre.
  • New engines and pylons (Light, Heavy, Assault).
  • Manual received an update.
  • Tutorial text changes based on key input settings and gamepad/mouse+keyboard.
  • New Pioneer Outpost 2017.

Here is a link to the games community news page on Steam for those interested.