Jovian Wars Exo-Armor and Fighter Single Squads Now Available!

In advance of the Jovian Wars Kickstarter launch this week (Wednesday evening, February 15th, 2017), we have updated the Jovian Wars section of the Dream Pod 9 Online Store.

As part of the Kickstarter we'll have single CEGA and Jovian faction Exo-Armor and Fighter Squads available to take as Add-On Rewards for additional pledges. This is to allow Backers to get the individual Exo-Armor and Fighter squads they want, with the new 3 post pewter stands and black plastic base, all packaged in a small ziplock bag. That way we can lower the price and not force players to purchase the older, more expensive, 2 packs. And to that end we have removed the 2 Squad Packs from the DP9 Online Store and replace them all with the new Single Squads in small ziplock bags. We have also added the new 3 post stands to the online store for player that want to upgrade squads they may have with the older 3 pronged poseable stands. And we have kept the 3 pronged poseable stands available for purchase for those players who want to us them. We also added few new squad options like Wyvern Bomber and Marine squads for CEGA and Pathfinder Sniper and Recon squads for Jovian. The attached image shows all the squads now available. Here is a link to the Online Store to check them out.…

The Venus faction is not planned as part of this Kickstarter, but we have updated their exo-armors and fighter as single squads as well to keep everything the same. The stats for the Venus faction forces will be released in future rules version later this year.

We'll be finishing the Jovian Wars Beta Playtest Rules one Monday and we plan to have them up and available for download on Monday evening. Once they are live we'll make another post to let everyone know, with a link to download them.