Jovian Wars Update : Upcoming Stretch Goals 5 to 8 Preview!

Just a quick preview of the upcoming stretch goals 5 to 8 in this update. We are sitting at $12,924 pledged as of this update, so we should clear stretch goal 5 very soon. Checkout the graphic below for all the details, its also been added to the campaign page for easy reference and updating.

Thank you to all the Backers for the amazing support of the Jovian Wars Kickstarter, we have 3 more weeks to go and should get all the new ships out with everyone's help. We'll do another updated with images of the parts on the ships for stretch goals 6 and 7 once they are closer to being unlocked.

Here is a link to the Kickstarter page for those who want to go check it out.…/jovian-wars-resin-spaceship-m…