Fleet Building Part 2: Jovian 250 points

This is part two of a series about building your fleets. Click here to read Part 1.


Let build a Jovian Confederation fleet out of the Kickstarter models. The size of the fleet will again be 250 point threat value for a skirmish battle.


The first ship will be the Majestic Fleet Carrier at 93 points. A brutally large, powerful and slow warship the Majestic has one big Achilles heel; it focuses too much armament to the forward arc.


Normally this would not be a big deal as you want the Majestic to sit back just close enough to be in range to shoot the bigs guns, but in a smaller game at 250 points the enemy fleet won’t be distracted by other threats as much and will quickly circle around to attack the weaker flank and rear arcs and suffer much less retaliatory fire. This will be tricky for them since the Majestic can simply move it’s minimum of 2” with a turn at the end if it’s move being careful about predicting where the enemy will be in the next turn.


The Majestic brings a fearsome Hanger capacity and this fleet will take advantage of that capacity.


The Second ship will be an Alexander Destroyer for 52 points. This very powerful and maneuverable ship will be everything that the Majestic isn’t. The flaw of the Alexander is that without using an Activate Point Defense special action to use the full five rating of point defense the ship has trouble targeting Exo-Armor and Fighter models.

At this point the fleet costs a total of 145 Threat Value points.


The role of anti-Exo/Fighter hunters will fall to the multiple Exo-Armor models that will fulfill the role of hunters.


The first choice will be a Stormrider model at 38 points. A Stormrider is the kind of model that dominates in any role you give it. In dogfighting, bombing runs, or just sitting near stuff improving accuracy with the Target Designator trait. The Storm Rider is a threat in all roles. It’s only flaw is its reputation which tends to cause more than it’s fair share of firepower to be directed towards it.


My second and third choices are a pair of Pathfinder Exo-Armors at 12 Threat Value points each. They are good at all ranges and demand attention when they park themselves strategically in flanking zones forcing enemy model to give them a wide berth. Unlike many multi-role models the Pathfinder is well armed for attacking capital ships.


My fourth and fifth choices are a pair of Vindicator Exo-Armors at 14 points each. These models will stay in reserves and launch only once the Majestic has been forced to close. The Catapults on the Majestic will give an extra 6” to their first move that turn and by waiting they should be able to target their bombing runs on a model that either lacks point defense or has had its speed reduced so that they can benefit from being faster. This counts as the equivalent of an extra rating of fuel, or another round of attacking. The Vindicators are brutal at bombing runs because the Rugged trait will maintain the fire control rating even once the Vindicator is crippled and the Heavy trait will allow it to push past intercepting models. I might normally choose to add the Fuel Pod upgrade to either boost its speed to 5” for one round or add +2 fuel for one round when you need to really clobber a target. The Mass Driver can go from being a 2D6 at long range to a 3D6 +Flex if they are flanking and at close range. Then the Macro trait adds +1D6 if a hit is caused. This makes the Vindicator capable of the dreaded Quad result against capital ships, possibly multiple times during a bombing run!


My last choice to round out my points will be a Hector squadron for 12 Threat Value points for the express purposes of intercepting anything trying a bombing run at my carrier. I have a couple more points to spend so I add some additional Anti-Capital Ship Missiles so that just in case the opportunity arises it can switch over to a Bomber role.

At this point the Exos all together cost 105 points and the total fleet costs exactly 250 points.


I fill in some squadron tracker sheets, name my squadrons, and get ready to play.


For deployment I’d start with the Majestic with the Storm Rider and Hector playing close support. Long range Bombardment is the name of this game for my fleet so I try to maintain the distance until the Alexander appears and starts supporting properly. Then I go on the offensive with the Vindicators, Alexander, and Storm Rider.


I hope this helps you with building a small skirmish fleet with the kickstarter models included.


Next time I’ll expand the 250 point CEGA fleet to 500 Threat Value.