Jovian Wars Update: Painted CEGA and Jovian Fleet Scale Exo-Armors and Fighters!

A special update today with all the painted up CEGA and Jovian fleet scale Exo-Armors and Fighters shown in their typical paint schemes. A big thank you to Martin Takaichi and Todd Farnholtz for helping with the painting and photos of all the small pewter miniatures. The graphic took a while to get made as all the miniature photos needed to be close cut and then properly scaled to one another in Photoshop. Most of the Exos-Armors are about 15mm tall (not counting the plasma lances carried by some of the Commander models) and the larger Stormrider is 19mm tall and Dragonstriker is 22mm tall.


If a few more backers decide to up their Captain or Commodore Reward Levels to add the +All of Exo & Fighter Add-Ons for an extra $100 CAD (about $76 USD) pledge we'll hit the $14,500 and be able to unlock the next 5 ships and new Admiral Reward Levels for everyone.

Also, from our previous update we promised images of the Forge with unlocked Stretch Goal 6 parts added and the Ypres with Stretch Goal 7 parts added once SG7 is unlocked.

Thank You All, for your support and help getting the word out about the Jovian Wars Kickstarter. Here is a link to the Kickstarter page to go check it out.…/jovian-wars-resin-spaceship-m…