Jovian Wars Kickstarter Update: New History Timeline Graphic & Spaceship Side Views Image with Ruler Updated!

A small update today with a short History Timeline graphic we made to help everyone get up to date with the year 2220, and the events that lead up to the Jovian Wars. Check it out below and we also added it to the bottom of the campaign page.


Also we updated the Jovian Wars Kickstarter Spaceships Side Views with Ruler image on the campaign page to include all the 3D Models to scale, even the last 5 locked stretch goal ships, see below. You'll see the Gagarin is HUGH, more than 8" in length, and part of its engine and fins got cropped out to fit on the page.

Keep helping us get the word out, with 2 weeks left in the Kickstarter we should be able to get those last 5 ships unlocked and available as Add-Ons for an extra pledge.…/jovian-wars-resin-spaceship-m…