Jovian Wars Update: Kickstarter Final 48 Hours!

Its now the final 48 hours of the Jovian Wars Kickstarter, with $17,765 in pledges, nearly double our initial funding goal. A big thank you to all the Backers for your amazing support. We still have 5 new spaceships (see the image below) left to get unlocked and make available as add-on rewards for an extra pledge. Hopefully that happens in the final 2 days, but if not we wanted to let you all know that once the pledge manager is open we'll try and get them unlocked with a short extra funding campaign using the pledge manager.

For our $1 Cadet Backers, if you want to get an invite to the pledge manager after the Kickstarter ends, you'll need to upgrade your reward level to the Pilot level with a minimum $6 pledge or higher reward level. The pledge manager will open about 2 weeks after the Kickstarter campaign ends and Kickstarter has collected all the Backer pledges. Once the pledge manager is open, Backers will be sent an email to login and setup their account. Plus be able to upgrade your reward level and add any extra add-ons you want. Then pay for any reward level upgrade, extra add-ons, and the fixed shipping cost.

We'll make additional updates as the final Ship stretch goals are unlocked and make them available as Add-Ons for an extra pledge. If you want to help support the Jovian Wars Kickstarter, click the link below and please share the link with friends and in any gaming forums and blogs you visit, thank you all.…/jovian-wars-resin-spaceship-m…