Jovian Wars Update: All Stretch Goals Unlocked – Plus Recon Lancer & Wraith Fighter Squad Upgrade Parts!

The Jovian Wars Kickstarter now has over $24,000 CAD Pledged and All the Stretch Goals are unlocked. Including the Wishlist Stretch Goals to remaster the older Godsfire, Hachiman, Athena, Tengu, Thunderbolt, Uller, Javelin, and Bricriu miniatures. We'll get the 3D Models made and added to the Pledge Manager as Add-Ons for an extra pledge $TBA after the Kickstarter has ended.

We have one last small bonus to announce before the Kickstarter ends. Our line developer, Dave, came up with some new options for the CEGA Wraith and Jovian Lancer fighter squads. We previously unveiled the Bomber variants of the squads and now we unveil the Recon variants. We 3D Modeled some small Sensor/ECM/ECCM dish parts for both the Lancer and Wraith. We'll be adding 3 of each of these parts FREE in the Lancer Fighter and Wraith Fighter Squads available as Add-Ons for an extra pledge of $5 CAD. If you already have one of the Reward Levels, Add-Ons, or Add-On Deals with the Fighter Squads the parts will automatically be added in with them. See the image below for how the parts will look installed on the ops of the fighter and how they are mounted, plus try them out in a game using the new datacards.

Thank You All for your amazing support, we'll get busy on the remastered ships 3D Models in the coming weeks and make lots of updates as they are finished to show everyone how they turn out.…/jovian-wars-resin-spaceship-m…