Jovian Wars Kickstarter Now Complete!

The Jovian Wars Kickstarter campaign is now complete with all our stretch goals achieved and $25,090 CAD in Pledges. We want to Thank All our Backers, and prepared an image below with some cute chibi ships and exo-armors artwork.

Now we have to wait on Kickstarter to process all the Backer pledges, which normally takes one to two weeks. Then we'll get the Pledge Manager open and send out emails to all our Pilot ($6) or higher Reward Level Backers to setup their accounts. Once the pledge manager is up you'll be able to upgrade your reward level if you wish and select additional Add-Ons for an extra pledge and pay the fixed shipping cost.

Thank You for your amazing support of our first Jovian Wars Kickstarter!

We'll be back later this fall with another Kickstarter for the Venus ships.

The Staff at Dream Pod 9