Jovian Wars Post Kickstarter Update: Jovian Wars T-Shirts and Other Products Available on CafePress!

During the Kickstarter we had a couple of Backers ask if they could purchase the Jovian Wars T-Shirts that Dave and Robert were wearing in the Staff Photos. Now that the Kickstarter campaign is completed we took the time to upload the image used for the T-Shirts to CafePress and and make them available to everyone. We selected 3 mens and 3 womens shirt styles along with a few other products: mouse pad, mug, glass, shot glass, and magnet, plus another mug with different artwork. CafePress has a ton of other shirt styles and other products that we can add the artwork to, if there something you would like us to add to the product options lets us know via email at and we'll try and get it added to the available products.

The image below shows all the products we have available now. To visit the Dream Pod 9 section of the CafePress website, click the following link.

In other news our 3D Modeler has started work on remastering the 8 older CEGA and Jovian ship and we hope to have some images to show in another update as soon as the first new 3D Model is completed. Thank You All for your amazing support of our first Jovian Wars Kickstarter.

The Dream Pod 9 Staff