Jovian Wars rules update

Hot on the heels of a successful Kickstarter for Jovian Wars I’m digging in and getting ready for a new beta rules update in April. There’s a lot to do, the feedback has been very intense with some very passionate discussions about the nature of rolling.


So without ado here are some of the changes that are being rolled out.


First up is the weapon category rules. There have been two issues dealt with by the new(ish) Macro:X trait, namely that the damage of a weapon is no longer tied to how accurate it is. This is an obvious design flaw in a one roll results dice systems but the wonderful speed that a single result roll allows is a big advantage. I’ve gotten some very nice compliments for the system, and some very specific criticism which confirmed some of my own thoughts.


One flaw is that capital ship weapons seemed to be the same as squadron weapons, which is a bit ridiculous when you look the scale difference. Before if we wanted a gun to be able to do more damage we would have to increase the damage too. The big change I’ve instituted is that all Capital Ships have the Macro:1 trait as standard. Play testing is showing that this has a small but significant effect on results, turning minor damage into major damage. Part of this update has included changes to ships where the Anti-Capital ship ratings are dialed down but the macro rating is increased.


Another change to weapons relates to a change to damage, and especially system damage. Capital ships will now have double rating points. You can see an example with the updated Poseidon data card here.



In this new edition the ships are able to sustain more damage to their systems before they reach zero so their performance is degraded. The counter to this is that once a system reaches zero rating any further double hits that hit the same system will escalate into a triple. This makes sniper weapons and missiles especially dangerous to attack damaged ships with.


You can see in the example above how the Sensors require two hits to knock it down to a rating of 2. BUT only one hit from a particle cannon will do the same thing.


Another change is that particle weapons will completely fill these new high capacity system damage points when they roll a [D] which is a nice way of showing that they are very effective weapons as well as distinguishing particle cannons as weapons that do more damage when they hit.


A more major place where big changes are will be in the special actions section (See 8.0). There is now a long range special action that lets you extend your sensor range at the expense of accuracy. And a maneuvering special action called Full Stop where you can have your ship come to a halt if you want them to just sit there.


There are going to a large number of small changes. Traits will be adjusted. Data cards will get a facelift. Ratings will be adjusted.

I want to end this short blog with a big thank you to all the players and adventurers who have given of their time to help play test, read, and comment on the game. And a super big thank you to all the people who have helped the Kickstarter be such a success! More in the next couple of weeks leading up to the Beta Rules update in mid to late April!