Jovian Wars Kickstarter Update: Remastered Jovian Thunderbolt, Javelin, & Athena – Plus Add-On Option Parts!

The Thunderbolt, Javelin, and Athena ships for Jovian were finishing remastering this week. Tony did another amazing 3d modeling job, check out the images below to see how they all turned out. Once the Pledge Manager is open, the Thunderbolt and Javelin ships will be available as Add-Ons, for an extra pledge of $12 CAD each and the Athena for an extra pledge of $18.00 CAD.

The second image below shows the Athena with different views, including an exploded parts view. We are also including a special adaptor part with the Athena, that can be pegged into the rear of the forward hull to allow for other ship modules to be added if the player wants to customize their ship. Below the Athena we added some images that Tony made of possible ship customization with optional Add-On parts that will be available in the Pledge Manager for extra pledges.

The remastered Godsfire for Jovian will be our next update this coming weekend along with the planned opening of the Pledge Manager later in the week.