Dream Pod 9 Teams Up with Bundle of Holding again, this time for our Heavy Gear RPG Fans!

Through MONDAY, APRIL 24 we present the HEAVY GEAR BUNDLE, featuring the Dream Pod 9 RPG of 62nd-Century mecha warfare and cataclysmic change on the world of Terra Nova. HEAVY GEAR is DP9's flagship game. Starting as a tactical miniatures wargame of armored combat on the distant world of Terra Nova in the 62nd Century, "Heavy Gear" spawned two video games and an animated TV series. The tabletop RPG is renowned for exciting combat, a detailed and plausible setting, and an epic storyline that is often praised as "metaplot done right."

This bargain-priced collection presents the 2003 Third Edition of "Heavy Gear" along with the "Silhouette CORE Deluxe Edition" rulebook that drives the system, plus a generous range of supplements and all five Storyline books. It's EVERYTHING YOU NEED for a complete roleplaying campaign of military action on Terra Nova.

How the Heavy Gear Bundle of Holding works:
Customers can pay any price (minimum $11.95) to get all FIVE titles in the STARTER COLLECTION as DRM-free PDF ebooks.

The Heavy Gear Bundle of Holding Lineup:

STARTER COLLECTION ($11.95USD – retail value $43 USD)
– Silhouette CORE Deluxe Edition ($12): The system that drives Heavy Gear 3rd Edition and the other Dream Pod 9 RPGs.
– Heavy Gear Player's Handbook 3rd Edition ($9): The handbook that introduces the 62nd-Century setting, its character archetypes, equipment, and technology.
– Terra Nova Companion 3rd Edition ($9): Comprehensive guide to the planet of Terra Nova.
– Vehicle Companion 3rd Edition ($9): Comprehensive guide to the Gears, striders, tanks, aircraft, and specialty transport vehicles.
– Operation Jungle Drums Redux! ($4): An ideal introductory adventure, a special operation in deep jungle that introduces characters significant in the later storyline.

And if you pay more than the threshold (average) price, which is set at $22.95 to start, you'll LEVEL UP and ALSO get our entire BONUS COLLECTION with SEVEN more titles.

BONUS COLLECTION (retail value $43 USD)
– Earth Companion 3rd Edition ($9): All about the New Earth Commonwealth and its Colonial Expeditionary Force (CEF), which seek to reconquer Terra Nova.
– Storyline Books 1 to 5: The standard-setting 15-year epic that showed other companies how to handle metaplot:
     – Storyline Book 1: Crisis of Faith ($6)
     – Storyline Book 2: Blood on the Wind ($5.50)
     – Storyline Book 3: Return to Cat's Eye ($5.50)
     – Storyline Book 4: Storm on the Horizon ($5.50),
     – Storyline Book 5: Distant Shores ($5.50).
– Life on Caprice ($6): Venture off world to this Earth-occupied colony ripe for revolution.

That's a $86 USD value, yet cheaper than a can of oil for your HACS-12MG-DL Nemesis Jaguar.

2 Additional Heavy Gear Bonus Titles with be announce during the campaign and when a title is added after launch, ALL customers who previously purchased the bundle automatically receive the newly added title, REGARDLESS of whether or not they paid higher than average. This is their reward for buying early.

[Note: These PDFs are image scans from the 1990s and 2000s hardcopy originals.The print is readable but light. Most text can be copied; the optical character recognition (OCR) is generally good but not foolproof.]

Also, Ten percent of your payment (after gateway fees) goes to the MAKE-A-WISH INTERNATIONAL charity chosen by Dream Pod 9.

But the gate to Terra Nova won't stay open long — this HEAVY GEAR BUNDLE offer ends MONDAY, APRIL 24. Here is a link to the bundle page to get your today.