Building towards the future for Heavy Gear

Now that the first Jovian Wars Kick Starter is over the development work turns back to Heavy Gear Blitz!


Going forward this will be the pattern where we here in Dream pod 9 work on the prep for kick starters, work on the kick starter and then work on fulfilling the kickstarter while preparing for the next kickstarter. The next kick starter for Dream Pod 9 will be the next three factions for Heavy Gear Blitz.


The good thing about a kick starter is that it lets us plan on improving existing models and also provides a chance to release models that have been hinted at but don't have models yet. 

The bad side of a kickstarter is that the payoff of a well organized and promoted kickstarter forces a number of decisions. The one I like the least is that we have to withhold information in order to ensure maximum impact when the reveals start for the lead up period for the kickstarter.

And the reveals will be starting soon. Oh gosh we have some spicy new sculpts. There are a couple of good reasons we delay reveal.

1) We go through a long development period where we experiment with new looks. Revealing too early can 'lock in' the look of a model before all the details come together.

2) The most important design elements happen at the end. We start with how the model looks and work backwards to make sure it comes apart and has articulation. We can show a look early but waiting means that we can show the posing and the articulation which is great since it gets players thinking about it more; how they will dynamically pose it.

3) Preparing for a reveal is very time intensive. There is  a lot of work preparing the image of a model for a reveal. It takes time to choose the angle, pose, etc and while fans might imagine that we just cut/paste and done there are more steps involved. This is time we have to schedule and move priorities around for and is not done lightly.


Sadly I don't have a reveal to share today but I hope this little tease helps fans to understand what when we reveal a new model it's part of a plan, it does not happen in a vacuum, and it meas that it is leading to a planned outcome.

Now back to work on Utopia!

Till next time.