Jovian Wars Beta Rules Playtest Ver. 1.2 May 2017 Now Available!

Dave has been working hard on an update to the Jovian Wars Beta Rules Playtest. The updated Version 1.2 is now available to download on the DriveThruRPG site at the following link.…/Jovian-Wars–Alpha-Playtest-R…

If you previously downloaded the Jovian Wars Beta Rules Ver.1 and enabled email notifications for updates from DriveThruRPG you should have received an email from them to let you know about the update.

The Jovian Wars Pledge Manager is open to all Pilot Level or higher Kickstarter Backers. Invites were sent out on April 21st, 2017 with a link to the pledge manager and temporary password to setup your accounts. About half our backers have registered with the pledge manger and paid their reward package fixed shipping cost. If your a Backer and have not received your email invite please let Robert know via email at and he'll get back to you with the link and password right away.

We'll be opening up the Jovian Wars Pledge Manager this coming week to Outside Backers for a two week period. Outside Backer reward packages will only ship after we have shipped all our Kickstarter Backer reward packages.

Just a quick update on Jovian Wars Kickstarter 3d printing and mold making. We only have the Gagarin model left to get 3d printed along with a few reprints of parts for the Birmingham and Detroit, that we spotted some problems with and want to get fixed before making the molds. We have received about 80% of the printed model parts and they are in various states of the mold making processes right now. Another 15% of the model parts have been shipped from the printer and are expected the end of this coming week. The last 5% (Gagarin, and reprinted parts for Birmingham and Detroit) should be shipping out to us later this coming week. We still expect to start shipping the first Kickstarter Backer reward packages later in May.