Jovian Wars Pledge Manager Open to Outside Backers for 2 Weeks.

As we announced in our last post, we'll be opening up the Jovian Wars Pledge Manager to Outside Backers for the next 2 weeks. If you were a Cadet Level $1 Backer (no rewards) during the Kickstarter and want to pickup some of the new Jovian Wars spaceships at the introductory Kickstarter pricing now is your chance. The Pledge Manager will be open to Outside Backers until Monday Morning May 29th, 2017, after which it will be locked. Outside Backer reward packages will only ship after we have shipped all our Kickstarter Backer reward packages. We ask that all our Kickstarter Backers have their accounts setup and the fixed shipping costs paid, along with any extra add-on rewards they want by then as well. Here is a link to the Jovian Wars Pledge Manager for all interested.

If your a Pilot or higher reward level Jovian Wars Kickstarter Backer and have not received your invite email to the Pledge Manager please let Robert know via email at and he'll get back to you with the temporary password right away. The link above to the Pledge Manager is the same as the one we sent out to everyone in our invite email. Do Not Setup a new account as it will not have the amount you pledged saved as reward points in it. You must use the link and then login using your email address used for Kickstarter and the temporary password we emailed you to setup your account with the pledge reward points.

Mold making update, we'll start making the vulcanized rubber molds for the pewter parts this week. The first to be made will be the molds for the new Lancer and Wraith Fighter and Bomber squads. Once we have the molds made and the first pewter parts caste we'll take some photos to show in our next update. After that will be making molds for all the small pewter weapons and other parts needed for the ships. We are still waiting on the last few ship parts to be 3D printed and shipped, which we hope will be early this week.