Jovian Wars Update: Spaceship Small Pewter Parts Photos

This week we finished making the vulcanized rubber production molds, needed for casting all the small pewter weapons and spaceship parts. Check out the photos below taken in casting area at Dream Pod 9's office, with our 2 spin casting machines and trays full of pewter parts. The parts all turned out very good, you can see a closeup of the Triple Kinetic Cannons (bottom left) and the Engine Fins for the Jovian Engine (bottom right). Larger spaceship parts (main hull, habitat section, engine section, etc.) will be cast in resin.

The next Jovian Wars update will have photos of the silicon master molds for the resin spaceship parts. Also, we had to get two of the parts for the Gagarin reprinted and they were shipped out to us earlier today, from the United Kingdom, we expect them to arrive in the next week or two. Once those last 2 parts arrive we'll get their molds made and start casting resins parts. We have already cast up a lot of the CEGA and Jovian pewter Exo-Armor and Fighter Squads and expect to be able to start shipping the first Backer Reward Packages in late June or early July.