Jovian Wars Kickstarter Update: 3D Printed Parts Unspruing, Cleaning, and Silicone Molds

The latest Jovian Wars Kickstarter update is about making the silicone master and production molds for the resin spaceship parts and all the work that entails. Getting the 3D parts printed is just the start of the process, we are using a Formlabs 2 printer which gives amazing resolution. But cleaning the parts is a major job and requires a great level of skill, lucky we have Alain Gadois over at Fusion Models helping us out. The Formlabs 2 printer actually prints the parts using a laser, pulling them up and out of a tray full of resin. This requires a lot of spruing connected to each part to pull them up and out of the resin as the laser cures the resin making the part. See the photos below of this extensive latticework of spruing needed for each part. After the part and it's latticework are finished printing they are washed and put under UV light to future harden the resin, then the real work begins. The part must be removed from the latticework sprung and then all the small sprue number on the part must be cleaned using a hobby knife, sanding, and lot of skill to repair any damaged details. You can see in the photo below what a base part from the Gagarin looks like just after removing it from the spruing and then after its been cleaned up by Alain, he does an amazing job.

Now that the 3D Parts have been cleaned its on to making the Silcone Master Parts Molds. These are molds used to make the resin parts that we'll use to make the final Silicone Production Molds for the resin spaceship parts casting. The photo below shows the custom design plates we make to add rectangular pegs and holes to both sides of the Silicone Master Molds so they fit together perfectly when casting resin copies of the master to make the final Silcone Production Molds. We also show the resin master copies of the Bricriu and Javelin spaceships and their final Pink Silicone Production Molds held open to see the spaceship parts cavities inside. Plus at the bottom some other production molds closed and the engine mold for the remaster Valiant. We hope you all enjoyed this look into the world of 3D Printing and Silicone Mold Making, if you did please let us know by liking this post.

We are still waiting on the last reprinted parts for the Gagarin to arrive at our office, so we can get them cleaned up and the master parts mold made. We now expect to be able to start shipping the first Backer Reward Packages in early July.