Jovian Wars Kickstarter Update: Final Remastered Spaceship Parts Preview Photos

We received the first batch of some of the resin spaceship parts this week. This update has parts photos for a few of the remastered spaceships resin and pewter parts with acrylic pates and posts. The photo includes the remastered Jovian Valiant, Javelin, and Thunderbolt and the CEGA Bricriu, Tengu, and Uller.

Also this week we finally received the last 3d reprinted part for the Gagarin. Alain, over at Fusion will getting the part cleaned up and a mold made so we can get a Gagarin cast up and assembled next week. We need the assembled Gagarin to take the exact measurements for the 4 laser cut holes in its base plate, as resin shrinks a tiny bit and when caste. We want to make sure the two resin cradle parts fit perfectly in the holes on the large 2" x 4" acrylic base plate. We are also sending Impudent Mortal the resin parts to double check the fix before laser cutting all the plates. Then Impudent Mortal needs to get all the plates cuts and shipped, which should be done late in July. Our revised first shipping of Backer Reward Packages is now early August. We'll continue casting up all the resin and pewter parts needed and then add the acrylic plates and posts to the ziplock bag for each ship at the end.

Also we still have a few backers that have not registered in the Jovian Wars Pledge Manager, we have sent out emails to them, but not heard back. If you have not registered yet, entered your address, selected your reward level and any add-on rewards you and then checked out (when your Kickstarter pledge is applied) and paid your fix shipping shipping cost please contact Robert Dubois at and he'll get you the link to the pledge manager and temporary password to login and register.

Lastly, for our Pilot Reward Level ($6) Backers that would only receive the Jovian Wars Kickstarter Turning Template (Laser cut and etched acrylic). We had hoped to be able to offer a cheaper fixed cost shipping method by sandwiching the acrylic turning template in between cardboard and then mailing it in a small padded envelope. But the postal machinery used by Canada and US Post bends the envelopes and will snap the acrylic into two or more parts if shipped that way, so they will have to be shipped in a box. We'll be keeping a list handy of all our Pilot level backers and if any point in the future you place an order on the Dream Pod 9 Online Store (not a small items order which ships in a padded envelope), just mention the Jovian Wars Kickstarter Turning Template in the comments section at cashout and we'll get it added in with the order.