Heavy Gear Blitz 2017 Kickstarter Preview: Warrior Model

Happy Independence Day for our American cousins, we hope you all had a great July 4th. And a belated Happy Canada Day, July 1st, to all our fellow Canadians.

The Heavy Gear Blitz 2017 Kickstarter to make plastic miniatures for the Peace River, NuCoal, and Utopia faction core models is now set for a mid-September launch. This weeks preview is the Warrior model, shown with Vanguard variant (Medium Autocannon) and Chieftain CMD Upgrade head for the Peace River faction. The stock model of the Warrior has a Light Autocannon and its head does not have the top center antenna shown on the Chieftain Upgrade head. Checkout the image below with detail improvements and information.

One cool addition to Solidworks 3d software used to make the models is the ability to save the parts and assembly models as 3d PDFs. Click the link below to our latest HGB Kickstarter update, which has a link to download the new Warrior 3d PDF.

We want your feedback on the Warrior model, if you like the new model please like the post and leave any comments you have below. We'll continue tweaking the Warrior parts up until the Kickstarter launch to get the best new plastic models possible.

News: The Dream Pod 9 offices will be closed next week (July 8th to 16th) for a short summer vacation for the DP9 Staff. Once we're back will be continuing the previews with the Crusader IV and Argos models for the Peace River Faction and then models for the NuCoal and Utopia Factions.