Jovian Wars Kickstarter Update: Jovian Gagarin Fleet Tender Hold Section Resin Parts Assembly.

Fusion Models finished up the molds for the Jovian Gagarin Fleet Tender spaceship and made the first castings of resin parts. The image below includes photos of the assembled Hold Section and the black resin cradle parts that mount on the acrylic base plate. The Hold Section has 3 outer panels that can be rotated to close the tender bay, most of the photos except one show the panels rotated below and the bay fully open. Plus one shows a remastered Uller spaceship inside the tender bay and a ruler below for exact size of the Hold Section.

Resin parts shrink a bit when cast, so we had to wait until we had the first resin parts for the Gagarin Hold Section to be made and assembled. Then we took precise measurements for the hole placement and diameter for its 2" x 6" acrylic base plate. We wanted to make sure that the resin cradle parts with their big pegs fit perfectly on acrylic base plate with the 4 laser cut holes. The image below is what we sent to Impudent Mortal for them to get a test plate made and sent to us for final approval before get all the Gagarin acrylic plates made.

News Update: We got word this week from Fighting Piranha Graphics that all the Jovian and CEGA Decal Sheets should be finished printing later this week and shipped out to us next week. Impudent Mortal is busy laser cutting and etching all the acrylic base plates we need and a first batch should be shipping out to us the last week in July. Metal and Resin parts casting is done here in Montreal and is progressing on schedule. Once we have the acrylic base plates and decal sheets we'll be able to start shipping the first Backer Reward Packages in early August.