Jovian Wars Update: Assembled Jovian and CEGA Ships – plus Jovian Wars Kickstarter #2: Venus Preview!

Since returning from Gen Con we've been playing catch up at work. Last week Fusion Models delivered the final resin model parts we needed to get all the Jovian and CEGA Ships assembled. I took the time this weekend to glue the final resin ship parts and pewter weapons together and take photos of the parts for each ship and of the assembled ships. See below a group photo of the assembled resin and pewter Jovian ships and a top view photo as well. Plus group photo of the assembled resin and pewter CEGA ships and a top view photo as well.

For Gen Con we had a small color handout flyer made to announce the upcoming Heavy Gear Blitz Kickstarter #2 for plastic miniatures of the Peace River, NuCoal, and Utopian faction Core models, which is tentatively scheduled for late September. On the other side of the flyer we announced the upcoming Jovian Wars Kickstarter #2 for the Venus faction ships, tentatively scheduled for Late 2017 / Early 2018. Checkout the flyer below showing 3d models of all the new Venus ships planned for the Jovian Wars Kickstarter #2.

We'll be picking up more resin ship parts at Fusion Models this week and expect to start shipping the first Backer Reward Packages at the end of this week. Fusion Models has estimated that it will take them about 1 month to get all the resin parts needed cast-up and we'll keep shipping out reward packages each week until they are all shipped.

Future updates will included parts photos for the rest of the Jovian and CEGA ships along with lots more individual photos of the assembled resin and pewter ships. Plus photos of the ships that Dave assembled and painted up for us to run demo games at Otakuthon and Gen Con in August. Dave also plans on making a series of new Jovian Wars game play videos for the beta rules, we'll post links to them once they are ready and uploaded to YouTube.