HGB Kickstarter 2 Preview: Updated Utopian Armiger Models!

Our 3d modeler updated the Utopian Armiger models that we previewed in an earlier update. Mainly making the upper arm section a bit shorter and the front armored skirt plate a bit smaller. Plus the arms are now 2 parts to allow for greater model poseability, and re-posed the Recce model with the legs wider, see the image below. They all still have the same weapon in the preview, but he is working on the other Utopian weapons options as well, which we'll show during the upcoming Kickstarter.

He also took the time to make 3d PDF files for the Commando, Recce, and Support Armigers, so you can all checkout the models from different angles and see how the parts go together. Click the link below to our latest HGB Kickstarter update, which has a links to download each of the Armiger 3d PDF files.