Uhlan Take-Two: Updated Uhlan Strider 3D Model!

We listened to all your feedback on the Uhlan Strider model that we previewed in an early HGB Kickstarter #2 Update. Our 3d Modeler took another crack at the model, making it closer to the original artwork and moving the rocket mounts back on to the shoulders. The lower legs were beefed up and the Uhlan's anti missile system (dome turret) was moved to the area in back of the head. For more poseability the lower arms are connected to the upper arm/shoulder part with ball and socket joints. Checkout the image below of the updated Uhlan to see how it turned out. The resin Uhlan Strider for Peace River will be available as an Add-Ons in the upcoming Kickstarter #2 in October and later this year on the Dream Pod 9 Online Store.