Heavy Gear Blitz 2017 Kickstarter Preview: NuCoal Arbalestier Model!

We are finally in the home stretch leading up to our next Kickstarter. Today we preview the new Arbalestier 3d model for the NuCoal faction. Checkout the 3d model images below of NuCoal's hover-capable Arbalestier support Gear. With hand held (arm mounted) Heavy Rocket Pack main weapon, Glaive (medium vibro blade), and Heavy Panzerfaust. The model was made with ball joints for the legs to hips, which allow for the running pose shown below. Also the lower arms have pegs to connect them to the shoulders so that can be rotated in or out to the desired pose. The Arbalestier will be a plastic miniature release as part of Core NuCoal forces in the upcoming Kickstarter #2 launching this October.

We'll have more NuCoal model previews to show in the coming days.