Jovian Wars Kickstarter Update: Backer Rewards Shipping Complete!

As of Friday November 3rd, 2017 we have completed the shipping of Backer Reward Packages for the backers that completed their Jovian Wars Kickstarter Pledge Manager orders. Most Canadian and USA Backers will receive their packages in the coming week and International Backers in about 2 weeks. Thank you everyone for your support of our first Jovian Wars Kickstarter and patience in waiting for all the Reward Packages to be mailed out.

Jovian Wars Release Schedule for the DP9 Online Store:

At the end of next week (Nov. 10th, 2017) we'll be adding the first of the new Jovian Wars Spaceships and Parts to the Dream Pod 9 Online Store for sale. They will include the first 6 ships (Alexander, Majestic, & remaster Valiant for Jovian and the Constantinople, Birmingham, & remastered Poseidon for CEGA) alone with extra resin habitat and cargo sections for them. Plus the updated Wraith and Lancer Fighter/Recon and Bomber squad packs and all the pewter weapons and parts and extra acrylic bases we had available as Add-Ons during the Kickstarter. Also we'll have the faction decal sheets packs, dice packs, and the standard turning template (not the Exclusive Kickstarter Backer one) available for sale. Two weeks later (Nov. 24th, 2017) well make available the next 4 ships (Forge & Ypres for Jovian and Narwal & Hammerhead for CEGA) and any new resin habitat or special sections for them. Two weeks after that (Dec. 8th, 2017) well make available the next 5 ships (Corsair & Intrepid for Jovian and Hydra, Chin, & Detroit for CEGA) and any new resin habitat or special sections for them. Then finally two weeks after that (Dec. 22nd, 2017), just before Christmas, well make available the final 5 new ships (Lennox & Gagarin for Jovian and Appalachian, Charon, & Icarus for CEGA) and the 7 remaining remastered ships (Athena, Javelin, & Thunderbolt for Jovian and Bricriu, Hachiman, Tengu, & Uller for CEGA) plus any new resin special sections for them.

Second Jovian Wars Kickstarter:

Then sometime in Early 2018 we'll launch our second Jovian Wars Kickstarter for all the Venus faction spaceships and a few new exo squads as well. We hope for all your continued support.